Uncategorized September 4, 2014

Selling Checklist – Guide to Selling a Home

Question: Is there a checklist for sellers to help them prepare their home for sale? i.e. yard work and exterior maintenance, kitchen & bath repairs and upgrades, de-cluttering, etc…?

Answer:  You bet there is!  Windermere just happens to have its own, and it is really well done.

A clean, neat home in need of few repairs will sell faster and at a higher price than one showing “wear and tear”.  Also, many of the items addressed will make it on to a buyer’s inspection request so you may as well deal with them prior, eliminating objections.

The attached, “Guide to Selling a Home” is an excellent tool for anyone preparing a home for sale and the subsequent transaction and move.  This 16 page information guide should be read and followed by all sellers.  It covers the process from beginning, (home preparation & working with an agent), to the end, (packing and moving). 

The section “Preparing Your House for Sale” details an exhaustive “Repair and Cleaning Checklist”.  This three page section covers both exterior and interior items.  From removing moss on the roof and pruning overgrown shrubs; to deep cleaning the kitchen and clearing out the basement.  Many of the suggestions are inexpensive and simply required effort and diligence.  Any issue that involves writing a substantial check should be discussed with your agent.  Not all repairs/upgrades are cost effective.  No sense in spending $500 to make $300.  And if you are hiring a contractor to help, be sure they are well known in the community, (for integrity & good work) and properly vetted.  Your agent should help with this also.   

Guide to Selling a Home