Uncategorized Hacked By GeNErAL Hacked By GeNErAL
Uncategorized Purchasing a Short Sale Home Question:   My wife and I are looking to purchase a short-sale home.  The seller has a listing price, but from what we understand, the bank has not approved a price yet.  The house needs work, and we would like to offer 20k less for it.  What process do we need to go through, and can […]
Uncategorized CMA – Comparative Market Analysis Question:  Can you help me to understand what a CMA is?   What questions I should ask to make sure we fully understand how this may help as we get ready to put our home on the market? Answer:  CMA stands for “Comparative Market Analysis”.  All three words are important and must be used in conjunction […]
Uncategorized ShredFest 2015! Question:    How does Windermere contribute to “Green” programs?     Answer:  Windermere Real Estate in Kitsap County has an Annual “Shred Fest”.   Each year, on the second Saturday of April, we have FREE document shredding and electronic recycling event.  Each of our four offices, (Poulsbo, Kingston, Silverdale and Bainbridge Island) participates.  We team with local recycling […]
Uncategorized Professional Photography & Selling Your Home Question:  When listing your home do you feel it is important to use a professional photographer?  What are they keys to getting the best indoor and outdoor photos?  Answer:  Since a little more than 99% of buyers now find their new home online, I would not say it is important to hire a photographer.  I […]
Uncategorized Pre-Inspections: Benefits and Consequences of a Pre-inspection Question:  I have heard that many people do a pre-inspection prior to putting their home on the market.  Can you explain what this is and if you feel it is a benefit?  Answer:  Many sellers do preform a complete “Home Inspection”, but not a majority.  There are benefits…and consequences involved.  The decision to do a […]
Uncategorized Selling Checklist – Guide to Selling a Home Question: Is there a checklist for sellers to help them prepare their home for sale? i.e. yard work and exterior maintenance, kitchen & bath repairs and upgrades, de-cluttering, etc…? Answer:  You bet there is!  Windermere just happens to have its own, and it is really well done. A clean, neat home in need of few […]
Uncategorized Tips and Tools for Making Your House Attractive – Pet Smells Question:  We have 2 dogs and a cat that live most of the time indoors, I am nervous that we may be use to the pet smell (to our family it is not noticeable).   What do you suggest we do to make sure that prospective buyers do not smell any traces of our pets?  Any […]
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Uncategorized To Stage or Not Stage? How to Improve Your Homes Appeal.   Question:  My 70 year old mother is moving from her home located in a great area with fabulous schools and amenities. The problem is that her home is dated and that includes furniture.   What are your thoughts on staging a home in a marketplace that is hot and may sell quickly?  We have […]
Uncategorized Navigating Job Loss and your Mortgage Question: My spouse recently lost his job and although we are fine for the next 60 days in terms of covering our mortgage our fear is that he will not be employed quickly and we will not be able to sustain our mortgage payments.  What are your suggestions to help avoid foreclosure? Answer:  Sorry to […]
Uncategorized Agent Representation Question:  We have been waiting for the Real Estate market to be on the upswing to sell our house and downsize.  We do not have any contacts in the community for either a buyer’s agent or seller’s agent.  Can you explain the differences in agent representation?     Answer:  A critical question and one that needs […]
Uncategorized Best Months for Sales Question:  My home has been on the market for the past several months and I have had very little traffic. Now that the summer is winding down and school is on the horizon is it true that because many buyers/sellers are pre-occupied with preparing and starting school, September is a bad month for home sales?   […]
Uncategorized What Do Rising Interest Rates Mean? Question: What do rising interest rates mean for buyers/sellers now?   Answer:  Interest rates increases will have a huge impact on both buyers and sellers.  With rates at historical lows, currently near 4%, the only way to go is up and the consequences will be significant. For the last several years the Federal Reserve (our […]
Uncategorized Bidding Wars – What You Need to Know Question: With the hot market right now I have heard that in some cases buyers may find themselves participating in a bidding war for the same property.  What is your strategy and how do you help buyers make the right move and not overspend?   What are the key elements to writing a strong offer to help increase […]
Uncategorized Poulsbo and North Kitsap 2012 Real Estate Outlook Cautious optimism best describes Windermere Real Estate’s outlook for 2012.  Other terms heard are “favorable”, “improving” “more balanced” and “encouraging”.   Real estate, like politics, essentially is a local matter; consequently our opinion only relates to the Poulsbo and North Kitsap markets.   Several factors bring us to this auspicious prognosis.  Most important is the new […]